Investigation of damages

A significant part of the proceedings conducted by civil courts concerns compensation claims related to traffic accidents or other events that cause damage or harm, hence the need for legal advice and legal services aimed at victims and relatives of those injured as a result. Monetary compensation at a fair level and the fastest possible settlement time are the main factors that our law firm’s clients pay attention to.

Compensation vs. redress

The amount of compensation awarded largely depends on the integrity and expertise of the lawyers handling the case. It is optimal to use legal support at the stage of liquidation proceedings with the insurer in the framework of, for example, an appeal against an unfavorable decision, as well as at the stage of court proceedings, including the preparation of a lawsuit, or preparation for a hearing. Sometimes it turns out that a professionally and substantively drafted letter influences a mutually satisfactory settlement without court battles.

At the stage of preparation for court proceedings, lawyers collect documentation to lead to the repair of the damage or harm caused. In this connection, there are differences arising from the wording of civil law between compensation and damages.

Compensation is the monetary equivalent of property damage – . The amount of damages awarded should cover both the actual damage and any lost benefits. The role of our lawyers, , is to obtain the highest possible amounts both for actual damages and for lost profits.

Compensation is seemingly more difficult to define. The physical and mental suffering resulting from the incident can also be assessed with our support and experience. Legal compensation provides, among other things, that in the event of a violation of a personal good for the harm suffered, regardless of other measures needed to remove the negative consequences, the injured person has the right to demand an appropriate sum of money to compensate for the harm suffered (physical or mental).


Claiming compensation or damages is a several-step process. In terms of activities, we deal with in-depth analysis of documentation, assistance in obtaining the relevant certificates in institutions, representation of the client in court proceedings or (and) in proceedings with the insurance company, and conduct negotiations in places such as Szczecin or the entire voivodeship. West Pomerania.

In order to obtain compensation and damages, it is essential to assess whether the claim of our clients is not time-barred. This is because the statute of limitations, even in the case of injury or harm, can result in the insurer’s failure to recognize the claim or the Court’s dismissal of the claim. We make such an assessment after reviewing the documents provided by the client, while explaining the legal basis for our assessment.