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Job interview vs. pregnancy question

When meeting with a prospective employer, we want to appear as good as possible. We try to anticipate the questions that might be asked and somehow prepare for them. But what if the employer asks about something we don't want to reveal to him? [...]

"The time of the haters", or violation of personal rights on the Internet

Widespread access to websites and social networks provides unlimited opportunities for constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech. [...]


In the field of permanent service of business entities, we offer the view of of a lawyer – business advisor.

about the firm

DEBOA Law Offices of Legal Advisors and Attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to business entities and individual clients.
We are a dynamic law firm with nationwide coverage.

We handle cases in the field of civil and commercial law, labor law, construction law, environmental law, administrative law, transport lawtax law and agricultural.

We are experienced in providing comprehensive services to commercial companies and obtaining funds from the European Union for the private and public sectors.

We also have experience in handling compensation processes supported by many won court cases. We have extensive experience in dealing with issues related to legal services for investment projects, particularly in the development and wind energy industries, including conducting legal audits of wind farm projects.

Legal services in this regard include initiating and conducting the planning procedure for investments, negotiating connection agreements and power sale agreements with the relevant operator, representing the Investor before public administration authorities and obtaining other relevant administrative decisions and arrangements. We offer our clients unique practical and theoretical experience gained as entrepreneurs, managers and consultants who identify with clients and their problems and understand the essence of business first and foremost. When you undertake cooperation with us, you can expect us to understand the essence of the problem, propose the best solution – often non-standard and justify it with rational and logical arguments. Our clients come from various economic sectors, including m. in. From: construction, real estate, renewable energy, agriculture and transportation.


Aleksander Deboa

Legal Advisor

Karol Lenc

Legal Advisor

Joanna Stypuła-Deboa


Karolina Szwabowska

Legal trainee

Małgorzata Dobrakowska - Budzińska


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