How to properly run a Facebook contest?

How to properly run a Facebook contest?

A Facebook contest is an excellent solution to both expand a brand’s audience and engage the community around our page. However, the portal’s policies, as well as legal strictures, make it necessary to be extremely cautious in such activities. Below you will find some tips to ensure that the contests you conduct will comply with the letter of the law and bring you nothing but benefits.

First – take care of the necessary information

Any contest we run on Facebook must have detailed rules and regulations. In it, you should first include information about the organizer of the competition (full name and details of the company) and the people who can participate. This is because the law indicates that participants in the competition can be persons with full legal capacity (who are at least 18 years of age and not incapacitated). If targeting younger people (at least 13 years old), then parental/guardian consent will be required.

Second – clarify the rules

The contests we organize must have clearly defined rules of conduct. Therefore, in the regulations that we will share on Facebook, we should also include information on the rules of the competition (what the competition will consist of), as well as the prizes that participants can win. At this point, it is worth noting that the description of the rewards should be as precise as possible and leave no room for possible complaints. It is also important to emphasize the information that awards may not be transferred to third parties and exchanged for a monetary equivalent.

Third – remember the applicable law

We should also absolutely include a disclaimer in the rules of the contest with prizes, stating that “ is not responsible for any activities related to the organization of the contest on the site.” We should also point out that the contest we are running is not in any way supported or sponsored by Facebook. Let’s also remember the privacy policy – specifying who is the controller of personal data, what data (and for what purpose) we intend to process. EU regulation on. data protection also enforces our obligation to inform about any sharing of data with third parties, as well as to indicate how we secure participants’ data.

Fourth – it’s also a lot of fun!

However, we must not forget that the Facebook contest is also a lot of fun. Both the participants – through the opportunity to win prizes – and the organizers – by increasing the reach of the fanpage and the involvement of the users gathered around it – can benefit from it. Moreover, remember that this kind of contest can be organized by any of us, regardless of the number of likes or recognition of our profile. If we take care of the right legal strictures and adhere to the rules listed above, such a solution will only achieve the benefits themselves. If you still need consultation in the field of Internet law, feel free to contact us!