Małgorzata Dobrakowska

Małgorzata Dobrakowska

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin, a trainee solicitor of the Szczecin Bar Association. In 2015, she defended her Master’s Thesis in the Criminal Procedure Department of the University of Szczecin, in which she discussed the issues of the institution of crown witness in the legal system of Poland, Italy, Germany and the USA. Her dissertation was supervised by the professor of the University of Szczecin, Magda Tarnowska-Sobecka, Ph.D. During her studies she gained experience by doing internships in one of the Distict Procecutor’s Office in Szczecin.

In the course of legal training, she participated in internships under the patronage of judges and prosecutors, in the district and regional courts, and in the units of prosecutor’s office. The model of completing legal training allows for a comprehensive preparation in terms of various areas of law.

At the Law Office, she is responsible for services provided to business entities and individual clients, supporting the team both in the pre-trial stage, as well as during the court proceedings.

She has a particular interest in criminal law, civil law and commercial companies law.

Tel: 669698802


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